Those of us who have been collecting or restoring planes have found that getting good totes and knobs can
be a challenge.  As i had quite a few planes around I figured it would be a good idea to make them. It's taken
awhile to get to where I was happy with the designs and finish.
The totes and knobs are based on some prelateral planes and early 1900's. Cocobolo rosewood is the primary
wood at this time but walnut, maple and other rosewoods will be added in the coming months.
When ordering knobs, in the message area please let me know if you have a ring around the knob or not.  
custom work is available.The cost of cocobolo is now $60 a board foot so pricing is going up on coco.
Lee Nielsen, Sargent, Union, Miller Falls,Keen Kutter and others can be done also. Please con-
tact me for further info.
This is four restored planes with
Bolivian Rosewood. Going to be
offering planes soon.
This is a #3 with the low knob
made of cocobolo
these are sets of macassar
ebony totes and knobs
my email address is for any questions you may have.

logo by rarebear               
This set is Bolivian Rosewood for a
Stanley  3 0r 4.Plane coutesy of Ted at
Lonepine Toolworks
Cocobolo sets late last year
Contrasting pictures of
Bolivian rosewood (dark)
And cocobolo

planes are now be
putting up for sale.